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7 Essential Questions To Ask A CPA

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Finding the right CPA for your business is a crucial step toward maximizing your tax profile. When looking for a tax consultant, you can narrow down candidates quickly with focused questions.

As a small business ourselves, Bennett CPA LLC realizes that every part of a company needs to be operating correctly for continued success. If one piece is out of place, it will cause issues for the whole organization. Finding a professional CPA that works with your business to produce seamless results is critical.

What to Look for in a CPA

Many business owners do not realize what important tax questions they are missing the answers to. In addition, the benefits of hiring a CPA for accounting and tax services are not limited to tax season alone. A professional CPA goes above and beyond filing your return with options for tax planning and preparation to strengthen your business’ yearly financial health.

Questions to Ask a CPA for Your Small Business

Question 1: Are you a certified Certified Public Accountant?

One of the most important features to look for when searching for a tax planner is a “CPA” in their business name. Tax professionals that with a CPA following their name means they have acquired certification. This denotes that they have passed the required education and test requirements in order to receive recognition to operate as a recognized CPA. You can verify a CPA licensure by going to your state’s Board of Accountancy website to view the status of the CPA’s licensure, complaint history, etc. prior to engaging with a CPA.

Question 2: How can you help make my business more profitable?

Any tax professional that is serious about their occupation strives to help their clients do more than just file taxes. Yes, taxes are important, but filing them is not where a CPA’s job should end. A CPA candidate should be going above and beyond to generate strategies for your business with additional tax planning services.

Question 3: Do you provide customized tax advice and tax planning?

In addition to preparing taxes, the ideal candidate needs to have a range of tax consulting services that include both tax planning and advice. These extra specialties are great resources when you need a personalized touch for your business. Generally, services like these are highly targeted ways to maximize a business’ profit.

Question 4: What experience do you have?

Certification is a good starting point, but the ideal CPA should also have plenty of experience in their industry. At this point, inquiring about the other types of clients they have worked with is useful. It will give you an idea of the size of businesses they have serviced. Plus, it opens the door for them to talk about their experience in a more comprehensive way.

Question 5: Do you provide services outside of tax season?

A seasoned CPA works throughout the year. For many businesses, tax season is not where their tax concerns end. Since most organizations have a constant flow of accounting fluctuations, working with a tax professional consistently is the easiest way to prevent errors. Choosing a CPA that works year-round helps keep all the taxes in order.

Question 6: Why should I choose you as my CPA?

If any candidate fails to answer this question, it is time to move on. Motivated CPAs are driven to find their clients the lowest tax rates possible. Navigating complicated tax laws to optimize returns and find available credits are key signs of a quality CPA. It is their job to make filing easier while saving your business money.

Question 7: Do you have any additional qualifications?

Tax professionals should not rely on their education alone. This question is an opportunity for a CPA to discuss any training, experiences, and certifications that set them apart from the competition. To maintain a CPA, continued yearly education is required. In Colorado, the requirement is 80 hours every two years to maintain a CPA licensure (the equivalent of 40hrs/year). It is always a good sign when an individual chooses to complete more training.

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As a CPA in Colorado Springs, Bennett CPA LLC is ready to collaborate with your small business on all of its tax needs. We offer customized tax planning solutions and highly focused tax advice so you can capitalize on all the eligible deductions and tax credits available to your business. Never over-pay taxes again, with Bennett CPA LLC. Contact us to get started on a comprehensive business tax strategy.


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